Seasonsindia recommends that you:

Obtain an International Drivers Permit (IDP).

Have your Passport photographs ready.

Carry both your IDP and your State Driver's License with you at all times.

Some things to keep in mind:

Some countries have a minimum and maximum driving age. Check the laws before you drive in any country.

Always "buckle up". Some countries have penalties for people who violate this law.

If you rent a car, purchase the liability insurance too.

As many countries have different driving rules, obtain a copy of them before you begin driving in that country.

Be aware of the countryside where you will be driving. Many countries require you to blow your horn before going around a sharp corner or to flash your lights before passing.

Find out before you start your journey that who has the right of way in a traffic circle.

Always know the route you will be traveling. Have a copy of a road map and chart your course before leaving.

Avoid giving lifts to hitchhikers and strangers

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