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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Doctor, Doctor

Doctor, Doctor Doctor Joseph C Cyr was one of the best medical officers to serve on board the Canandian Navy's public relations officer in the For East prepared a Press release describing the young doctor's skill and dedication to duty. Shortly after the story appeared, Commander Plomer and the Cayuga received a message to remove Dr Cyr from active duty. It turned out that he was not a doctor at all. The real Dr Cyr had identified him as a man he knew and respected called Dr Cecil B Hamann. But the real Dr Hamann, said the young man was really Ferdin and Waldo Demara who had been expelled from St Louis University in the USA for cheating. Demara was brought before a naval inquiry board. He was discharged from the servicein 1952 and ordered to leave the country.

Monuments for Sale

Monuments for Sale It was a sunny day in the 1920s. While strolling through London's Trafalgar Square, Arthur Furguson spotted an American tourist admiring Nelson's Column and offered to be his guide. He told the American about the statue and the great naval hero to whom it was dedicated. When the American let it slip that he was wealthy, Furguson told him that Britain was being forced to sell the statue to pay off some of its debts.'How much will Britian want for it? inquired the American. 'A mere $6000, signed Furguson,'but we will only sell it to someone who appreciates its place in our history and who is prepared to look after it.' The American fell for Furguson's story and decided to purchase the monument himself. By the time he realized he had been conned, Furguson had cashed the cheque and disappeared. Furguson was eventually arrested, but not before he had sold Big Ben to another American for $1000, received a down payment of $2000 for Buckingham Palace, leased the White House in Washington DC for $ 100 000 a year, and almost sold the Statue of Liberty for $100 000 before his hoax was discovered.

Unique Gruck

Unique Gruck The Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh owns the only known specimen of a gruck a bird that has the body of a red grouse and the head of a tuffed duck. It is the only one in existence because it was made by lan Lyster, the museum's taxidermist.

Order of the Bath

Order of the Bath During the First World War the writer H L Mencken, wrote a joke article on the history of the bathtub in America. Entitled 'A Neglected Anniversary' it appeared in the New York Evening Mail on 28 December,1917.Much to Mencken's surprise the article was accepted as a genuine piece, and it was not long before the 'facts' he had invented for a laugh were being quoted by other people in serious articles about bathing. Several years later, Mencken thought that the hoax had gone far enough. He wrote a feature pointing out that he had made up the history but that the joke had now got out of hand. This article appeared in several American newspapers on 23 May, 1926, but in spite of it, Mencken's invented facts continued to be quoted for over 35 years.

The Bionic Horse

The Bionic Horse In 1977, on the eve of the famous British horse, race, the Grand National, a reporter from Radio Merseyside interviewed the owner of a bionic horse that had been entered for the race. The horse was said to have had a plastic bone implanted in one of its hind legs which helped it to bounce over the fences. Listeners thought it was bound to win-until they realized that the eve of the Grand National was 1 April.

A Move for St Paul's

A Move for St Paul's On 1 April, 1982, a British television announcer on ITN's News at One announced that St Paul's Cathedral in London was to be moved to London's Isle of Dogs-brick by brick. To most people it sonded like a really crazy idea- and that is what it was. The story was a hoax.

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