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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

For Sale-The Eiffel Tower

For Sale-The Eiffel Tower When he read in a newspaper in March, 1925, that the Eiffel Tower was to be renovated, 'count' Victor Lusting hit upon the idea for what has since become the most famous fraud of all time. He would sell the Eiffel Tower. He organized a secret meeting with the heads of several large demolition and savage companies in Paris. Lusting claimed that the French government secretly planned to demolish the company to do it. The job of demolition would be offered to the highest bidder who would be allowed to sell the vast quantity of scrap metal obtained, for his company's own profit. During the meeting Lustig chatted to the bidders, and the next day offered the job to a man called Andre Poisson, but not before he had persuaded arranging the deal in his favour. Poisson was easily bribed and within an hour he had handed Lustig a cheque. The cheque was quickly cashed and Lustig promptly boarded a train bound for Vienna.

Early Call

Early Call British comedian, Norman Wisdom, was once an Army trumpeter based in India. One evening some of his friends told him that summertime started that night and that he had to put his watch forward by one hour. Norman asumed that his friends were telling him the truth until he got into trouble the following morning for blowing reveille an hour early and waking the whole regiment.

Bogus Doctor

Bogus Doctor A chauffeur-driven car drew up outside the house of a titled lady in London. From the car, stepped a Harley Street surgeon. He was ushered into the lady's presence and she welcomed him with open arms, thinking that at long last someone would cure her illness. The doctor gave her some very expensive pills and left the house with $7000 in cash and some valuable jewellery. Later it turned out that the pills were only pair-killers bought from a local chemist. The 'doctor' was really Stanley Lowe who was known as king of the Con Men.

Sound Insult

Sound Insult Filming is not always as glamorous as most people believe. Quite often the actors have to put up with some quite atrocious conditions. Barbara Windsor once discovered this to be true when she was making one of the famous Carry On films Some of the scenes were shot in an open field in what was supposed to be summer. In fact the field was extremely muddy. During a break between scenes, Barbara moaned about the conditions to co-star Kenneth Williams. She said she would never make another Carry On film again and described in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thought of the producer. The following day, all the actors went to the viewing room to see the previous day's filming. It proved to be an embarrassing experience for Barbara as all her insults were heard quite clearly. Kenneth Williams had left his microphone on while she had been complaining!

Traffic Ram

Traffic Ram A lot of people got into trouble for being late for work wen a herd of 500 wild sheep brought te city of Birmingham, in Englad, to a standstill. Birmingham radio reporter, Mike Henfield, kept listeners informed of the situation and advised them to wait until the area had been cleared before going to work. Many people followed his advice, forgetting that the date was 1 April.

Wonderful Water

Wonderful Water In 1977, thousands of bald-headed men invaded a farm in Rothbury, Northumberland, England following a spoof television report which claimed that water from the well had amazing hair-restoring properties.

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