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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

The Most Famous House in London

The Most Famous House in London 54 Berners Street became famous overnight.

Man or Ape?

Man or Ape? Charles Waterton, squire of Walton Hall, Worcestershire, was a keen traveller and explorer. On one of his visits to South America, in 1828, he came across a strange, human-like animal. It semed to be a cross between a man and an ape. So intrigued was he that he decided to bring it back to England-but it was so heavy that he had to content himself with just the head. Known as the Nondescript, it can still be seen today in the City Museum and Art Gallery in Wakefield, England - but it is a fake. Waterton was an expert taxidermist, and he had made the creature himself.

Time in Loo

Time in Loo A notice once appeared on the notice board in a small company. Workers, it said, were spending too long in the lavatory. This was affecting production so it had been decided that, in future, there would be a rota system. Employees whose surname began with the letter A could use the lavatory between 9 a.m. and 9.15 a.m., those whose names began with a B between 9.15 and 9.30 a.m. and so on. Many employees believed the notice to be genuine, but when they complained, the letter was revealed as a hoax.

Nessie Panic

Nessie Panic                             Ness Monster, it received sveral telephone calls from worried readers. But the paper was dated 1 April, 1982, and the story was a joke.

The Man who Would be King

The Man who Would be King Henry VII was crowned king of England ofger he defeated Richard lll at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Amongst the many people who contested Henry's right to the throne was the ten-year-old Eark if Warwick. Henry dealt with that threat quite simply - he imprisoned the boy in Tower of London. A short while later, on 24 May, 1487, he was crowned by the Bishop of Meath as King Edward VI. The newly-crowned king then travelled back to England to claim his kingdom. With an army of 1500 men he landed on the Lancashire coast and proceeded to march towards London. At Stoke-on-Trent he was stopped by Henry's army and, after a long and bitter battle, Edward's army was defeated and he was taken prisoner. There were many people who believed the young earl was their rightful king, but Henry knew that his prisoner was an imposter. The real Eark if Warwick had not escaped from the Tower at all. There was only one thing Henry could do toprove that his second prisoner, whose name was Lambert Simnel, was a fraud. He released the real earl from the Tower and showed him to the people. For pretending to be earl, Simnel could have expected to be put to death. But, to demonstrate how unimportant he considered this upstart, Henry set him to work in the kitchen instead.

Monty's Double

Monty's Double During the Second World War, Field Marshal Montgomery seemed to have the ability to be in two placesat once - and that was infact the case. Some of Monty's appearances were not him at all but an actor who looked and sounded like him.

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