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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

The Queen's Psychiatrist

The Queen's Psychiatrist Baron David James Rothschild was psychiatrist to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands until 1978. It was then revealed that he was a fraud. In reality he was a Dutch labourer called Henry de Vries.

Measured Mirth

Measured Mirth Excuse me, sir,'said a surveyor to a person in the street, 'I am a surveyor and I wonder if you could please help me by holding this measuring tape for a second or two.' In most cases the stranger would oblige. And then the surveyor, who was Horace de Vere Cole, an arch-joker during the 1920s would go around the corner to ask another person to hold the other end of the tape. Cole would then retire to a nearby shop doorway and wait, with tears of laughter running down his cheeks, for the moment when his two victims realized that they had been hoaxed.

Turtle Trick

Turtle Trick The hotel manager in Paris was pleased when one of the hotel guests, Waldo Perice, bought her a present. It was a small turtle, and she kept it in her rooms. She looked after it so well that it grew at a rapid pace. Within a few days it had become enormous. But then a worrying thing happened. The turtle began to get smaller. No matter how much she cared for it, it continued to get smaller and smaller every day.

A Question of Mathematics

A Question of Mathematics The great scientist and mathematician, Albert Einstien, visited many universities giving talks on his theory of relativity. One day his chauffeur said, 'Dr Einstein, I've heard you deliver your talk about 30 times. I now know it by heart and I bet I could even give a talk on relativity myself.' 'Well,' said Einstein, 'I'll give you te chance at the next university. They don't know me there so you can give the talk.' When they reached the university, Einstein pretended to be the chauffeur, and the chauffeur, pretending to be Enistein, gave the talk. The chauffeur's lecture was word perfect and none of the university professors realized they had been fooled. The ruse was almost discovered, however, when the bogus Einstein was about to leave. One of the professors asked him a very complex question that involved a number of mathematical equations and formulas. The poor man had no idea what the answer was, but he thought quickly. 'The answer to your question is quite simple,' he said. 'In fact it is so easy I'm going to ask my chauffeur to come and answer it for you.'

The Height of Deception

The Height of Deception Madame Gomez was billed at fairs as 'the tallest woman in the world'. She certainly looked tall but the show was a fraud. Madame Gomez was 1.8 netres(6 foot) tall, but when on show at the fairs she stood on a stool, hidden beneath her long dress, so she appeared to be much taller.

Multicoloured Radio

Multicoloured Radio The world is full of modern scientific wonders so it was no surprise to some listeners to Radio Norwich, in England, to hear that their local radio station was experimenting with colour radio. This new system, listeners were warned, would alter the brilliance of tuning lights on their radios. The experiment proved fairly successful but there were some complaints. One listener complained that colours were flashing from his radio and another moaned that the experiment was affecting traffic lights in his area. This was quite a surprise to the broadcasters for they had transmitted the item as an April Fool joke!

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