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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Votes Galore

Votes Galore In 1928, Charles King was re-elected President of Liberia with a majority of 600 000. His opponent claimed that the vote had been rigged. There were only 15 000 people eligible to vote!

Invisible Fish

Invisible Fish Quite a crowd gathered outside a pet shop in Surrey, England. A notice was advertising some invisible Malayan ghost fish. They peered into the tank in the window, and saw nothing at all. Of cource, the tank was empty, but quite a few people went into the shop to ask the price of the non-existent fish.

Millionaire's Prank

Millionaire's Prank The Greek millionaire, Aristotle Onassis, once paid for a whole page in a Paris newspaper to print a hoax report that the Eiffel Tower was to be loaned to Greece.

Mayoral Arrest

Mayoral Arrest In 1906, a squad of soldiers were marching through Germany when they were stopped by a captain in the Prussian Grard. The officer ordered the squad's sergeant to carry out an important duty in the name of the emperor. The sergeant had to accompany the officer on a train to the town of Kopenick, taking his squad with him. At Kopenick they marched into the Town Hall where the bemused and startled mayor was placed under arrest. The captain then marched to the treasurer's office, explained that the mayor was under arrest, and commandeered the town's cashbox. He ordered the sergeant to escort the mayor to Berlin, then he boarded a taxi and left. The operation was not revealed as a hoax until the mayor and his escort arrived in Berlin. The captian was really a shoemaker called Wilhelm Voigt. Voigt was a petty criminal who had once been imprisoned by the mayor of Kopenick, and had wanted to get his own back.

Prolific Painter

Prolific Painter Tom Keating was Britian's most prolific art forger. At the end of his life, he himself estimated that there were over 2500 of his forgeries hanging in galleries or on collector's walls, which were still regarded as genuine. His most famous forgeries were of the 19th century artist, Samuel Palmer. Sepham Barn sold for 9400 as a genuine Palmer, and it was after an expert had written in the Times suggesting that this painting was not genuine that the scandal of Keating's fakes broke. The reputations of many people in the art world were ruined as it was discovered how they had been fooled by Keating's paintings. In 1979, Keating went on trial for forgery at the Old Bailey in London. Charges were dropped, however, when his health deteriorated. Because of his notoriety, his works soon become popular in their own right. He was offered a 25 000 contract from one London gallery and 30 000 commission for a single portrait, both of which he refused.

Dalek DJ

Dalek DJ British disc jockey, Jimmy Young, assumed his radio broadcast was proceeding as normal. It was only when people begain to telephone the BBC to complain, that he realized something was wrong. Apparently his voice was coming over the air rather like the sound of one of the daleks from Dr Who. Fellow radio presenter, Terry Wogan, had arranged for engineers to tamper with Jimmy's microphone.

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