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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Cure for the Common Cold

Cure for the Common Cold Scientists have been searching for a cure for the common cold for a long time. The breakthrough came in 1973 when a Dr Clothier announced on British Radio that it had been discovered that Dutch elm disease cured the common cold. There appeared to be some unusual side effects to the cure, however. One scientist, after treating himself with powdered Dutch elm, had actually caught Dutch elm disease himself. As a result, his red hair had turned yellow and he had eventually become bald. Dr Clothier therefore warned all red-haired listeners to avoid any areas where Dutch elm disease was present. One wonders how many listeners took the scientific talk seriously and how many acctually realized that Dr Clothier was, in reality, comedian, Spike Milligan.

An Amusing Feet

An Amusing Feet When Hugh Troy, the American prankset, was at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York state, he played a joke on one of his professors. He painted human feet on the toe cap of the professor's boots, then painted over them with soluble black paint so the boots appeared normal. When the professor walked out in the rain the black paint dissolved, leaving him apparently walking about in his bare feet!

Fooling the President

Fooling the President Lyndon Johnson, President of the USA, 1963-69, once visited an air base to improve the morale of troops being sent to fightin Vietnam. But the morale of the troops he was due to meet was so low that they had drunk too much and were not in a fit state to be seen. The solution arrived at was to allow the President to meet troops who had just returned from Vietnam. Johnson was so impressed by the laughing and joking and, thinking that they were about to leave, he insisted on waving goodbye to them. The men had to get back on to the plane from which they had just disembarked and perform a fake departure. The aircraft then flew around the base until the President had left.

Police Sale

Police Sale According to the official-looking poster, the police at Bath, England, were going to have a sale of unclaimed lost property and stolen goods. Bargains included radios at 50p each and very Ferrari car for 3000. The police were not very pleased-they knew nothing about the bargain sale.

Commercial Con

Commercial Con There was a lot of excitement in a small English village when a television crew began setting up its equipment on the green. The television people were there to film a commercial for a certain brand of baked beans. Seventy local housewives were recruited by the producer to sing the praises of the beans. For 10 minutes they sang at the tops of their voices as they marched through the village towards the green - just as the television people had directed them to do. When they marched on to the village green, the housewives realized they had been hoaxed. There was not a television camera in sight - the 'television crew' had gone.

What's in the Tin?

What's in the Tin? When Mary Windsor opened a tin of steak for lunch, she found peas! Luckily she had some other tins of meat so she opened another one - it was full of pears! She opened several other tins of steak, but they all contained different things. Eventually she became so frustrated that she complained to the local grocer, only to find that he had received similar complaints from other customers. He was most apologetic and had no idea what could have happened. If he had glanced at the grinning face of Mary's husband, actor, Frank Windsor, he might have guessed. When no one was looking he had removed the labels from the steak tins and stuck them on to other tins. The mix up caused confusion for several months.

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