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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Miss Radio One

Miss Radio One Simon Bates was the reporter for the Miss Radio One Beauty Contest in 1977, in Britain. The winner must have been quite something for she came from an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland and was described as wearing a three-piece bathing costume! Of course this was a hoax, as a beauty contest could not possibly take place on the radio.

The Greatest Liar on Earth

The Greatest Liar on Earth In an articlei in the magazine, Wide World, published in 1898, Louis de Rougement described how he hold spent 30 years living with cannibals in north-western Australia after he had been shipwrecked. He told how he had participated in cannibal feasts and how he had built himself a house of pearl shells. He also described how he had cured himself of fever by sleeping inside a dead buffalo and claimed to have ridden on the backs of 270-kilogram (600-pound) turtles. He became an instant clebrity and received numerous invitations to talk to scientific societies about his adventures. So famous were his exploits that a model of him was placed in Madame Tussaud's, the famous waxwork gallery in London. When he was eventually exposed as a fraud he made the most of the situation by touring South Africa billed as'the Greatest Liar on Earth'.

Computerized Crime

Computerized Crime A computer expert in an American bank recently devised a fraud that wold make him a lot of money. He ordered the computer to take just 10 cents from each sustomer's account and to transfer it to the last account on the record. He then opened an account with a surname starting with the letter Z. It worked well until a Mr Zydel opened an account. Mr Zydel could not understand why his bank balance kept increasing so he queried the matter and the employee's fraud was exposed.

Where there's a Will

Where there's a Will D ouglas Fairbanks, the film star, promised four close friends that they would receive something in his will when he died. But whe the will was read after Fairbank's death in 1939 there was no mention in it of anyting left to his friends. Two months later, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr asked the four to come and see him. He gave each of them an envelope containing a cheque for $60 000. His father had left the four out of his will just for a laugh.

Investing in the Theatre

Investing in the Theatre A wealthy theatre producer in the USA was planning a musical. A businessman approached the producer and persuaded him to talk about the production. It sounded magnificent but would cost $70 000 to put on. The producer himself only had $36 000 so the businessman insisted that he be allowed to put up the rest. What the businessman did not realize was that he was dealing with 'Count' Victor Lustig, the undoubted king of the confidence tricksters during the 1920s. Later that day, they met in Lustig's hotel room. Lustig produced his $36 000 (in forged notes) and the businessman added his moey to the pile. The money was locked safely away and the two men wet out for a drink to discuss the plans for the musical. In the middle of the meeting, a porter arrived from the hotel to say that Lustig had to telephone New York urgently. Lusting said he would be right back and left. The businessman never saw him or his money again.

The Space Age Revette

The Space Age Revette New cars are produced every year but the three-wheeled Revette, launched in America in 1974, seemed to be well in advance of its time. Its space age design and revolutionary new engine, providing a remarkable fuel consumption attracted much attention. The owner of the company persuaded people to invest in the company to enable it to start production. But when the car appeared for its first demonstration the engine only ran for a second or two and the refused to restart. The company moved to a new factory in Texas where the police began to take an interest in its activities. They decided to take a look inside the factory. All they found inside was a pile of rubbish, bits from a Datsun, a Volkswagen and an old lawnmower.

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