How to know if he wants to kiss you!
  After you've kissed him once, you know he wants to kiss you. But what if you two have never kissed? The first kiss is the hardest.

You could ask him to kiss you, but that takes a lot of courage. But you can tell, without reading his mind. Here are some ways.

He could have worked on the science project with someone else, but he asked you.

He could have called somebody else to chat about the debate competition, but he called you.

He could have sat anywhere in the cafeteria, but he sat next to you.

It all means he likes to hang out with you.

And what about when you're with him. Does he sit close to you? Does he smile and look happy when you're together? Does he always like being around you?

These are all signs that he likes you and might want to kiss you.

How to get him to kiss you.

Sometimes people who are nervous send out mixed signals. You might want him to kiss you, but your nervous behavior might be saying "stay away."

First of all your posture should be open. Sit or stand close to him. Face him. Look at him, not at the ground. Don't cross your arms or lean away; or, instead of "kiss me" you'll be saying "kiss off!"

Look into his eyes. Smile. Get close to him. If you're not holding hands yet, do it. Ask him to help you remove an earring, or undo the clasp of that gold chain you're wearing. To do that he's got to put both hands on your neck.

Now turn your head, and look in his eyes, and be quiet. Smile. If he says anything, just interrupt and whisper his name softly. He'll kiss you for sure!




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