Will You Marry Me?

You have been proposed. This is the happiest day of your life. But you are confused. Should you say 'Yes' or should you take sometime. Because this is the most important question of your life and your answer will decide your destiny. Therefore it will be wise if you give it some time. Think it over, evaluate your true feelings and emotions for your lover, and analyse whether you will be happy with him and then reach a decision. Remember haste makes waste so take this most important step of your life with careful considerations.

Take our questionnaire and find out whether your answer will be 'Yes' or you will like to take some more time. If you want you can ask your lover to join in.


- How well did you/we handle our relationship?
- Did I/we argue over a simple and silly thing very often?
- Did I/we exhibit the behaviour of helping each other in the past?
- Do we really understand each other well.
- Did we have something (hobbies, interest, books, ...) in common?
- Do I like to be with his family?


- Ask this question to yourself. For as long as I live will I be able to commit myself to this man? If you freak out by this thought then forget it. You are not ready for the commitment yet.
- Secondly ask yourself why you are attracted to him so much that you want to live the rest of your life with him. If you find a rational answer then good or else don't do it.
- Next ask yourself as to whether you understand the meaning of marriage and whether you are ready to take on all the responsibilities attached to it.
- You should ask yourself if you are willingness to tolerate each other's weaknesses and mistakes in future. If you think that you are perfect then believe me baby you are not ready. You have too much ego and this can be bad for the marriage.
- Ask yourself if you can sacrifice your best moments and best times sometimes for him and his family and your kids.

Future (This has to be answered by the two of you together)

- Do we want children? When?
- How are we going to bring up our children?
- How are we going to raise our life standard together to the other level (house, education fund, etc)?
- Are we ready to handle responsibilities equally in future?




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