No matter in which mood we are we would love to come across a love note hidden by our beloved. A love note is a means by which you can tell your beloved that you love and care for him. It feels very good if all of a sudden you come across a note which says' " I love you" or "Come home early". So next time you want to surprise your husband/lover then hide love notes in unexpected places. Following are a few ideas where you can place love notes for your partner.

In your partners pockets.
In his valet.
In his shoes.
In his briefcase.
In his drawer.
Folded in his handkerchief.
Inside your partner's towel.
On his pillow.
Inside his specs case.
Inside a book your love is currently reading.
Attached to your love's key chain.
On the dashboard in the car.
Attached to his toothbrush.
In your mailbox.
On the wardrobe door.
Inside your love's favourite coffee cup.
On the ceiling, above your bed.





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