Do You Know Him?

You have probably dated him a number of times and you think that he is really sweet and that you love him. He shows special interest in you and sends you flowers and tells you how much he likes being with you and you mean the whole world to him. So both of you are in love. Congratulations!

But is that what it takes to build a relationship. Well no. You have to work hard on really maintaining a relationship and for that you have to know him. You have to know what he likes or dislikes. You have to know what type of a person he is and what are his positive as well as negative sides. Thus you have to learn about him and at the same time you have to learn about your needs and commitments about the relationship. So do you think you know him? Well to begin with learn the following things about him.

  • Favourite colours
  • Favourite type of music
  • Favourite travel destinations
  • Favourite foods
  • Favourite desserts
  • Favourite person in the family
  • Surprise ideas
  • Favourite influential people
  • Favourite hobbies
  • Favourite flowers
  • Favourite movie star
  • What He/she hates
  • What He/she loves to do when with friends
  • Favourite sports/pastimes
  • Favourite fantasies
  • Favourite personality likes/dislikes
  • Other special interests
  • Favourite toothpaste
  • Things that are embarrassing to him/her
  • Favourite perfume/cologne
  • Best friends
  • Favourite books
  • Favourite author
  • Favourite poet
  • Favourite cartoon character
  • Dream car
  • Favourite movies
  • Favourite gift ideas
  • Clothing styles
  • Clothing sizes
  • Favourite animals
  • Favourite drinks
  • Favourite retreat spots
  • Where he/she likes to hang out
  • Favourite restaurants






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