Is He Really Interested In Me?

This is a question, which comes to your mind every time you think of your boyfriend or your date. Though he may be very sweet, cordial, modest, just the man you were waiting for but there is this feeling in your mind--------Does he love me or is he interested in sex?-------Am I doing the right thing? So now let's consider how you can tell if someone likes you for who you are or is interested in just one thing -- sex? Put him to the test: If you hold off on sex, what is his reaction? If he disappears, you know his intentions. Spell out the qualities that you value: Listening, giving, and communicating.

Points that will help you find out if someone is interested in you or just wants sex:

Always be cautious of dates/boyfriends who:

1. Talk more of sex and are more interested in sexual contacts when you meet.

2. Plant constant sexual suggestions in the conversation.

3. Don't seem to be listening to what you are saying.

4. Are more pushy and like it when things go there way.

5. Call you only at the last moment or in the middle of the night.

6. Agree to meetings only on their terms or at their request.

7. Feed you challenging lines such as "You're the only girl who makes me feel so good" or "You could be the one to finally make me change my ways."

8. Are not interested in long-term relationships.

9. Leave you feeling used, empty, or frustrated.





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