Hopelessly Single

Are you one of those who keep dating men but never got a chance to start a relationship? You keep seeing men one after another but your date has never called you back. Are you one of those who has a very successful career, a dignified post and reputation and financial stability. If that is the case then we know exactly what your problem is?

Consider this:
You go out on a date with a guy who is not as rich as you. Sub consciously you flaunt your status, and this not many people actually like. Therefore on your date you either "intimidate" men or you make them dislike you because of your "snooty" attitude.

What you need to do: In order to win a date you need to do a "market research" by getting some very candid feedback from three men and three women about you as a person and your personal style. Be sure to select these people (friends, family, colleagues) for their honesty. If there are consistent issues that arise with the feedback, take them to heart and make some changes.

Do I intimidate men: You may very well intimidate men with your achievements and status, and this is a common problem. Well if you do then here are a few suggestions.

  • Try to ease men into seeing that you are a strong career oriented person.
  • Play down your wardrobe and don't go on your first date "dress for success" with executive suits, expensive jewelry, or flashy clothing and accessories that reinforce your monetary status.
  • If you live in a more expensive home than he does, don't invite him over until your relationship is more secure.
  • Don't let your conversation focus heavily on your accomplishments at work. Rather, focus on mutual interests such as family, films, books or pets (not items that signify success, such as expensive vacations).
  • Dont go declaring that you hold a hotshot post or you are a chairperson or president of a big multi-national company. You can simply tell him that you work in so-and-so company.

Eventually, if you establish strong feelings for each other, your success should not deter him, and you can say or wear whatever you want. But in the beginning, just focus on getting to know each other better.




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