Sometimes it so happens that you fall in love with your best friend and want to spend the rest of your life with him. Since you spend most of your waking time with him and he understands you and knows you inside out, you think that he is the right guy for you. However what you think might be absolutely wrong. He might be a good friend but not a good lover. Here are 5 situations in which you might want to consider just being friends:

Are you ready for commitment?
This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. As friends you lead a carefree life and friendship doesn't involve responsibilities, expectations and commitments. If these added responsibilities and expectations are causing problems and apparently you spend more time arguing and fighting than loving, then its better you stick to being friends.

Your goals are completely different.
If you are ambitious and want to achieve a certain goal in your life but your partner is not then this might create lots of problems in your relationship which might lead to bitterness and despair. If that's a case in between you and your partner then its best if you go back to the friendship stage and remain friends forever.

Your moral values are different.
For a relationship to be successful it is very necessary that that you both have similar moral values. It is okay if your views, interests and hobbies are different and infact different points of view are often healthy for a relationship. However if your moral values are different then the differences as a result of that becomes a little too difficult to bridge.

Are you over-possessive?
If you are suffering from the syndrome called jealousy and over-possessiveness then it is advisable that you remain just friends. There are some women who become so possessive about their friends or partner that they cant tolerate him speaking to anybody. Also if you feel that your partner is jealous and possessive then its better that you don't indulge into a serious relationship with him to repent it later on.

Your relationship is purely sexual.
While sex is an essential and integral part of any relationship, a relationship built solely on sex is probably not going to last. Thus if you think that all that you do when you meet is indulge in sex then its better that you remain friends and not lovers.



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