Flirting is an art not many people can master it. It is fun and enjoyable and a great way of getting to know someone and starting a relationship. Flirting should be fun and it should be kept as fun. One should know the techniques of proper flirting before starting to flirt because it involves seriousness and truthfulness coupled with fun and wit. See our flirting manual below for more flirting tips and flirting advices and make this experience more enjoyable and pleasant.

The First Step
Flirting is a very inviting, witty and teasing way to tell another person that you are interested and attracted to him/her and would like to get to know one another better. It involves openness and daring. One should be bold enough to approach the other person and start a conversation. There's no harm in letting someone know they're attractive, with no demands or motive behind. Flirting can easily lead to a beginning of a relationship, a date or even new feelings you have on a person when you first meet.

Flirting Rules
Here are some basic rules that one must consider while flirting:

1. Flirting should be fun and pleasant. Do not flirt if you are tense or under pressure.

2. Your comments should be natural, cheerful and witty.

3. You should have the ability to keep the other person comfortable and excited.

4. Do not blow your own horn and make a fool of yourself.

5. Always keep eye contact. It's important, as it tells someone about your intention.

6. Be subtle. Hold her gaze.

7. Lower your voice when in a crowded room so that your partner has to lean towards you to catch your words.

Starting a conversation

The next step is how to start a conversation and what should be your opening lines. To succeed it is necessary to work out an opening line. Think about it! Something that suits your character, not too fancy, not too superficial and for different occasion/ places. Whatever you say should portray to the other person that you are interested in starting a conversation and it should be in such a way that your partner should not feel awkward or uncomfortable. The rule of thumb is "Strike a conversation", put your objective of wanting to know him/her behind your mind, go for topics, like the weather, food, comment on things, ask a question, etc. There is also a piece of warning here. Be prepared for denial or indifference and coldness.

Run the following steps through your mind before you make the move of starting the conversation:

1. Focus, take a deep breadth, this will calm you slightly.

2. Be confident, run your opening lines in your mind.

3. Remove that tensed look on your face, be natural.

4. Walk towards her; remember to keep that smile on your face.

5. When you reach her, keep a slight distance, not too far and not too intimately near. Pop your opening line.

6. Keep the conversation going, see, you've got a friend!

7. Say "thank you" if rejected, and pretend nothing happened.

If you are sincere, friendly, witty and confident, I am pretty sure you won't reach step 7. So here begins a new friendship. This friendship can also culminate into an intimate relationship. If you do not succeed you can start all over again and this time do not commit the same mistakes as you did earlier and follow our tips properly.





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