The First Kiss

You like this guy and he likes spending time with you too. He hasn't said the golden words to you yet but you know that he loves you. You are going out with him tonight and your heart says that something special will happen tonight. Well be prepared for this special night. If he kisses you then make it one that he will remember and make him look forward to things to come.

Be alone
Don't go out in a group if you want to spend time with him alone. Your first kiss has to be special and if you are surrounded by a crowd of people then that will not be possible. Hence ask him to take you out to a quite place or go for a drive or walk.

Don't scare him off
Just as you are nervous, know that your boy-friend is also nervous. Thus relax and make him feel comfortable. Don't scare him off by continuously talking and being occupied with other things. He might think that you are not interested. Give him a chance to make the first move.

Have good breath
While kissing the most important thing is to have a great breath. Make sure to brush and floss before going out on a date. Use breath fresheners to have great breath at all times. If you have eaten anything on your date then keep a gum or mint on hand.

Timing is necessary
You have to know when the moment is right. Like if the conversation stops, your eyes meet and neither of you seems to be able to look away, that is the perfect moment to kiss. At this time don't back off, your body language should say that you want to be kissed.

Let him touch you
Men like to feel women when they are kissing and that really feels great. Thus when you are kissing him don't struggle to keep his hands off because you think that it tickles you. Let him touch your body and feel you.

Close your eyes
Make sure you close your eyes while you are kissing. If your eyes are open your boyfriend might think that you are not enjoying the moment or that he is forcing himself on you. Thus keep your eyes closed and completely immerse yourself in this beautiful experience.

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