Essentials Of Kissing

Moist and Soft Lips
While kissing be sure to keep your lips moist and tender. Don't wear too much lipstick unless you want your boyfriend to wear the lipstick too. Cracked lips is also a turn down and try to keep your lips as tender and soft as possible. Moist lips make it easier to kiss your partner and it also enhances the experience.

Great Breath
While kissing the most important thing is to have a great breath. Make sure to brush and floss before going out on a date. Use breath fresheners to have great breath at all times. If you have eaten anything on your date then keep a gum or mint on hand. But please don't keep anything in your mouth when you are kissing.

Keeping your eyes open shows unfaithfulness so just before your lips close your eyes. Feel the kiss through your heart and totally devote yourself to the kiss. Some people find kissing with their eyes open quite exciting but you can try that out only after you have known each other for a while.

Many couples when they kiss for the first time find it difficult to decide as to where to keep their hands. Actually there are many ways you can use your hands. The most romantic way is to keep one hand on your partner's waist and one the neck. Other way is to take the partners face into both of your hands and then run your fingers into their hair.

Stand close to each other. You can be in his arms. If you are kissing while being seated, sit close to one another. Needless to say but you have to tilt your head slightly in order to kiss your partner. If you can see which way your partner's head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.

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