Strengthen the bond with your teenAdolescence is a time when you will find it difficult to cope up with teenagers. They are in such a stage when they are vulnerable and weak and this is a time when you have to take special care and interest in your teens so as to help them to go ahead in life with confidence and courage.

If you want a great relationship, be involved!

1. Find out what your teen enjoys
Doing which you can do as a family. This is important to build the confidence in him so that he can open up before you and consider you as his friend.

2. Be strict when required
Getting a college education requires a lot of time, effort, and careful planning by parents and students, but will it really provide knowledge and skills students will use for the rest of their lives? Find out.

3.Communicate on a daily basis
School/College is about to open and with it comes the barrage of extra-curricular activities. Do not impose anything on your teenager, let them choose.

4. Actively show concern for your teen
It is a fact that being a teenager is very different these days than it was even five or 10 years ago. Here are some ideas for parents in order to create a positive transition from adolescence to adulthood.

5.Be a parent your teen and her friends want to be around
This is a common phenomenon and it is upon the parents to handle their teenagers with care and caution. Learn more.

6. Participate in school activities
Teen years for girls today are a period of real danger since this age makes them vulnerable to risky behavior, and any stupid or bad choice can have devastating lifelong consequences. Find out how you can help your teenage girls survive the risky years by becoming their or her mentor.

7.Once a week, take your teen out alone
You must have wondered why your boy looks sad, lonely, and confused although he may appear tough, cheerful, and confident. Learn the truth behind this behavior.

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