Let yout teen chooseApart from studies teenagers should be encouraged to take part in other extra curricular activities. This will not only help them in their future but also will help them concentrate in their studies. Only studying can be quite boring and it is very important that your teens do something different to entertain themselves. But as a parent you have to be careful not to impose any activity upon them and also to ensure that whatever activity they choose doesn't hamper their studies. You have to help your teen create that balance between his favourite activity and education.

What to consider

Suppose your son/daughter has chosen activities like basketball / dance / music or drama, that she would like to participate in after school / college. In order to determine whether or not this is possible without experiencing overload, first you must figure out if:

1. She will have ample time for her studies and college projects.
2. It will affect her family obligations.
3. They will interfere with her private time alone or with friends

Thus what has to be considered is whether the activity gives her enough time to concentrate on her studies. Whether she has the energy or time to finish her studies and then indulge herself in the extra curricular activity or is she such kind of person who has to work more hard in studies to keep up with her classmates. The other thing that you have to consider is whether she is able to keep up with the family obligations and also take out sometime for herself. All of these questions should be addressed before deciding on which activities to choose.

Plan it properly

Once your teen has decided what he/she would like to join the next thing is proper planning. If your daughter is interested in dance or if your son is interested in taking up any sports then find out which institute is nearby and convenient for them and get them enrolled there. Always remember show enthusiasm and interest in whatever they do and never discourage them.

Learning to look after themselves

Our children look to us for guidance. If we decide to be the 'bad guy" and tell our children whether or not they may participate in an activity, we create a negative atmosphere. By allowing our children to be part of the decision-making process, we have taught a lesson in responsibility that will help carry them into a more productive adulthood. By allowing your child to be part of the final decision, rather than being the "bad guy" yourself, you have created a win/win situation for both you and your child.

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