Pregnancy and workThere are many women who never plan a family and they get pregnant as soon as they are out of a child birth. While there are others who like to do proper planning and give it second child a thought only after their first child is ready to go to kindergarten. Well all this depends on personal choice and preference. While it is not possible to say as to when a woman should think of having another baby, these are a few things which should be considered before planning for another baby.

What studies suggest:
Researchers have tried to tackle this question and according to studies it is best for you and for your baby to wait for 22-34 months after birth of the first child. Doctors found that babies conceived less than six months after the birth of a previous child are 40 per cent more likely to be born prematurely or underweight. Doctors suggest that a mother's body may need that much time to recover from the stress and replenish all the nutrients she lost as a result of the first pregnancy.

How old is your other child:
If you have a child who needs continuous care and attention then it is not advisable to go for a second child. Pregnancy and post pregnancy, a woman undergoes lots of physical stress and pregnancy literally tires her out. Under such circumstances if you get pregnant gain your body will not be able to cope. Therefore it is always advisable to wait till you first child is say 3 or 4 yrs and is able to take care of himself. Studies suggest older your other children, the better. That way they've had plenty of time with you and they can understand and even talk about the effect another child might have. This will in a way result in good bonding between the siblings.

Does your partner like the idea of having another baby:
Remember baby making is a joint effort. And therefore it is very important to know how your partner feels about having another baby. Sit down together and discuss your points of view. If he is not agreeable then it will not be a wise thing to toss the birth control pills in the trash as yet. By talking and discussing the issue you may not solve anything at that moment but you'll have a better understanding of the issues.

What’s your financial situation:
This is also one of the most important consideration. Though you might argue that money isn’t everything but it is necessary to raise a family. If having another baby is going to create a lot of problems and your financial stability is likely to go for a toss then you might want to postpone your pregnancy until your financial situation is stable. It's important to consider your work situation, too. Many women find it more difficult to keep up with full- or even part-time work once the second child comes along. Can you afford to stay at home or to pay for the new baby's childcare if you want to stay in your job? You have to take all these points into consideration before you plan on a second child.

How will another child change your lifestyle:
You think that you are finally settled down with life, job and kids. You even get time to spend with you husband and everything is perfect. Well now think are you ready to give up all of this. These are all important considerations when you're thinking of having another. Remember, a newborn will take over your life. You will have to forget about the job and your perfect lifestyle. Consider whether you have the time and energy an infant requires, and whether your children are ready to deal with the reality of a baby in the house.

The age factor:
Age is also an important factor for women who are planning to have more than one child. The older a woman gets fertility level drops. Many women can still get pregnant in their early 40s but fertility rates do drop dramatically once you reach 35. Thus if you are under 30 and you don't have any health problems that could make conception difficult, you can be flexible with your timing. But if you are above 35 then you obviously need to hurry.


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