Maternity Clothing: Shop For Comfort

What happens in labourPregnancy has a profound effect on your body. During pregnancy you put on a lot of weight, your hips widen, your waist increases. Thus very soon you have to let go of your fashionable wardrobe and start wearing clothes that are comfortable. Maternity clothes are expensive; especially when you consider that you'll wear them only a few short months. Therefore it is wise if you can borrow clothes from friends and relatives for those few months.

However if you do go shopping, bear the following tips in mind:
  • Try the mix and match formula. Buy trendy and smart T-shirts or cotton shirts that will not only be comfortable but look fashionable and wear them with skirts or pajamas.
  • If you like wearing pants then go in for the leggings available at the maternity stores and match them with some trendy loose fitting shirt. Look for leggings with a waistband that cradles the belly or is big enough to stretch over it.
  • Buy a good maternity bra. During pregnancy your breasts will swell and grow and thus to support your breasts you need bra made of 100 % cotton with wide straps and bands. A good maternity bra should have several rows of adjustable hooks in back to accommodate expansion.
  • Always go in for loose fitting clothes and try to avoid restrictive clothing such as tight belts, or socks or stockings with elastic bands. Thus if you want to buy something fashionable for special occasions take care and choose a dress that is free flowing and loose.
  • Your feet also swell up during pregnancy and therefore wear flats, slip-in shoes or shoes with wide, chunky heels instead