During pregnancy women put on lot of weight. Every woman who's ever had a baby knows how difficult it is to take off that extra weight. Loosing weight is not impossible but it takes time. However before starting any exercise regimen or going on a diet you need to give your body some time to recover from labour and delivery. Wait six weeks or so before you actively try to slim down. However don't get dis-heartened if you do not return to your original figure.

Take balanced diet:
To get started, choose low-fat, high-fiber foods full of vitamins and minerals. Remember women need a minimum of 1,200 calories a day to stay healthy. Eat a fulfilling breakfast, a well balanced lunch and a very light dinner. However, please avoid the temptation to fast or 'starve' yourself into regaining your pre-pregnancy shape. If you get hunger pangs in between then stock up your refrigerator with healthy, filling and convenient snacks, like soups, fresh fruits, lean meats for sandwiches, wholemeal bread and cereals, fresh and frozen vegetables and fat-free dairy products.. Watch what you drink - a surprising number of calories can be hidden in juice and other drinks.

Be Patient:
The average weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds. During the birth, new moms lose about 12.5 to 14 pounds which leaves about 12 to 21 pounds of excess weight to be lost in the post-natal period. If your weight gain during pregnancy was no more than the recommended 22- 30 pounds, you should be able to return to your pre-pregnancy weight within about 8 to 12 months. This may sound slow, but you really can't lose weight any faster and stay healthy at the same time.

Exercise Regularly:
You can't get back to your pre pregnancy shape only by taking nutritious diet. For that you need to exercise regularly. Ideally, aim to achieve a regular 30 minutes exercise, per day. Set little goals, like doing 10-minutes of exercise each day and then gradually increase it. Always consult your doctor before starting exercise.

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