Labour & delivery

Labour & delivery 
Recognise the signs of labour and find out what happens in labour. Also learn all about caesarean section and more.

Learn what is episiotomy, why it is performed during delivery, what you can do to avoid it and much more........

Massaging the perineum regularly during the last few months of pregnancy is thought to minimise the need for an episiotomy. Read on…....

There are different birthing positions that you can try to find out which one gives you more comfort and less pain during labour and delivery read on………..

Recognising signs of labour
If you have doubts in your mind as to how you will recognise when your labour is coming then read on………..

What happens in labour
Learn what happens during labour, the three stages of labour and what you can do.

What happens in labour
Find out the sources of labour pain, what you can do to ease the pain and also get advice on natural methods that will help you feel better.

Cesarean delivery
Find out about Caesarean delivery and its complications.

Find out about Vaginal Birth After Caesarean and its complications.

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