Parenting kids

Parenting kids 
Parenting Kids is not tough all you need is to give your child love, understanding and patience. Learn the art of understanding your kids for a better relationship.

Parenting basics

Giving time and attention to your kid and trying to understand them is important. Try to be your kids best friend and guide and enjoy the experience.

Parenting crying

Babies cry and it is natural. Many physicians and child development experts suggest that you should not worry about your child's crying and spoil her by responding to her cries.

Parenting nightmare

The secret to calming a child who wakes up from a frightening nightmare is to assure her that you are there and she is safe. To find out more click here.

Parenting lying

Teaching children morals and values is one of he toughest elements of parenting. If your child is lying to you might feel angry and depressed but try not to worry much about that and try to find out the underlying problem.

Parenting control

Often parents resort to spanking and hitting their kids when angry and irritated. Studies confirm that children who are treated aggressively physically will grow up to be aggressive. Find out if disciplining your child by spanking him is good or bad.

Parenting bulling

Parents should be alert to signs of possible bullying since such kind of abuse can leave lifelong scars. It is important for parents to foster their child's self esteem and confidence.

Parenting whining

Whining has got to be the ultimate in annoying childhood behavior.Learn techniques to make your child stop that annoying behaviour.

Parenting school
Find out if your child is ready to go to school. Learn to recognise the signs of school readiness.

Parenting education

Today parents play an integral role in schools. Parents participation in their children's education is a must and recommended by schools and experts which show that parental involvement makes a lot of difference in children's educational success.

Child stutters

My child stutters The causes of stuttering are not clear, despite decades of research. If you think that your child might have a stuttering problem, there are many resources for successful treatment. To find out read more.

Child stutters

Ten to 15 percent of preschoolers have some kind of speech disorder. Find out how to deal with your child's speech imperfections.

Taking care of the sick child

Is your child sick? Does he whine and complain about his pain? Does he create problem when taking his pill or drinking his syrup? Does he eat his food properly? Only a parent knows how difficult it can be to care for a sick child. Caring for your sick child can be easy if you keep them occupied. Find out how.

Taking care of the sick child

It is very important for your kids to learn table manners. Tell your kids that table manners are more than about proper eating; it's about being kind and considerate of others. Read onů


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