Breast feedingFor getting the best results of breastfeeding it is very important that you use a good position to feed your baby. It is very important that you are in a comfortable position while feeding your baby.

If you are sitting while feeding your baby make sure that:

1. Your back is straight and well supported. Use pillows to support your back.
2. Your lap is almost flat.
3. Your feet are flat.
4. Relax yourself and let the milk flow freely.

If you are lying down while feeding your baby make sure that:

1. Lie fairly flat with a pillow under your head and your shoulder on the bed.
2. Lie well over on your side. Keep a pillow supporting your back and another between your legs for comfort.

Your Baby's Position:

1. Hold your baby close to you so that he is able to reach the nipple easily without stretching or twisting.
2. Your baby's head, shoulder and body should be in a straight line while facing the breasts and his nose should be opposite the nipple.
3. Always move your baby to your breasts not your breasts towards the baby.

If your baby is attached to the breasts correctly then his sucking pattern will quickly change from short sucks to long deep sucks with pauses. This proper positioning will improve his feeding and he will get enough milk during the feed, which will be beneficial to him. It is best to breastfeed at least the first four to six months. Breastfeeding alone provides all the food and drink a baby needs during this time and protects against a range of illnesses. Many mothers breastfeed for longer than this, some will into the second or third year. Thus breastfeeding will benefit both mother and baby for as long as you wish to continue.

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