Baby's diaperFor New Moms changing their baby's diapers is difficult in the beginning and it also causes inconvenience and nappy rashes to the baby if not done properly. Find out the correct procedure and step-by-step guide to diaper changing.

To begin with first and foremost wash and dry your hands before changing your baby's diapers. Keep all the materials needed for changing ready like changing table, cotton balls, wipes, clean diapers, plastic bag ready next to your baby's changing table or the place that you have set up for changing her diapers. If you don't have a changing table then you can use a changing cloth or clean cloth diaper on any soft, warm surface.

1. Put your baby on the changing table and then unfasten the tabs and fasten them back on themselves so they don't stick to your baby. Don't remove the dirty diaper yet for you still need them on so that you can finish the cleaning process.

2. Wipe the excess poop from his genital area with the corner of the diaper. Take care to cover the penis with a clean cloth or just put a towel over the lower portion of his tummy so that he doesn't pee all over himself (and you) while you're changing him.

3. Grasp your baby by the ankles and lift his bottom off the changing table. Then fold the dirty diaper in half under your baby, unsoiled side up.

4. Use a baby wipe or wet cloth or cotton balls to clean your baby's genital area and the front thoroughly. For a girl, make sure that you clean her from front to back in order to minimize the possibility of bacteria getting into her vagina and cause an infection.

5. Now take a new clean diaper and place it on the changing table. The clean diaper's top half should go under your baby's bottom, and the other half should come up between his legs (which should be spread as widely as possible in order to make your baby comfortable in it and avoid rashes). For boys, be sure to tuck the penis down so his urine will flow down into the diaper instead of out the top.

6. Fasten the diaper at both sides with the tapes, making sure it's snug, but not so tight that it pinches his skin.

That's it. You have done it. Now retape the soiled diaper and throw it in the plastic bag. Dress up your baby and wash your hands. Easy wasn't it!!

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