Pregnancy detection tipsMissed your periods, feeling dizzy and nauseatic. Well you may or may not be pregnant. Following are a few methods of detecting that you are pregnant and what might be an indication of pregnancy.

  • Absence of menstruation
    Though this may be an indication of pregnancy but this may be caused by stress or fatigue or illness too. So, don't jump the gun just because your menstruation is late. Get a check up done if you think that you are pregnant.

  • Itchy, swollen and sensitive breasts
    The next indication is your nipples are likely to feel sensitive to the the point of being painful. This is a positive sign of pregnancy.

  • Morning sickness
    Morning sickness is a cursed condition for pregnant women. The term suggests that it happens in the morning however the truth is, it happens anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

  • Frequent urination
    This is a sure indication of pregnancy. If you note that Mother Nature has called you quite frequently lately, you're probably pregnant. But if it is painful, it might be urinary tract infection.

  • Darkening of the areola
    The areola is the area around the nipple. If you see that there is a sudden change in the colour, best choice will be to do a pregnancy test.

  • Mood changes
    A few people during these days either feel easily frustrated or lose their temper quickly while some women are very happy and content. Thus change in your mood is also a test to detect pregnancy.

  • Backache
    Backache is another sign of pregnancy. It's more like a dull throbbing ache on your lower back.

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