Cot deathThere is a lot of concern about cot death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and although there are some indications it may be linked to the mattress material in cots but it cannot be said for sure as to what exactly the cause is. Following are a few precautions that parents need to take.

1. Don't use duvets or pillows for babies under one year.

2. Never smoke or allow others to smoke in the same room as your baby. If possible have a completely smoke free home.

3. Place your baby on it's back to sleep, with its feet near to the end of the cot.

4. Keep your baby's head uncovered.

5. Do not allow your baby to become too hot or too cold.

6. Use a sheet and blankets so you can take a layer or two off if he is hot, or add another layer if he is cold.

7. At night keep your baby in your bedroom for about the first 6 months.

8. Don't go to sleep with your baby on the sofa.

9. Don't share your bed with your baby if you also smoke or smoked during pregnancy.

10. If you ever think that your baby may be unwell seek medial advice.

11. Have your baby immunised - there's evidence to show that this reduces the risk of cot death.

12. Don't put soft toys or other things into your baby's cot since there are chances that he might wriggle his head under them, so you may prefer not to put these into the cot until he is over a year.

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