ConceiveIf you are trying to conceive for a while without any success then keeping sex fun is a very difficult proposition. Unless you enjoy love-making and do it in a more relaxed and fun way conceiving will also be difficult. Hence you have to balance both these things. We have thus brought for you ways in which you can make babies in a fun way enjoying each step.

Be relaxed
This is the most important aspect. Relax and be at ease. Conceiving is very difficult if you think about it all the time and be tensed. Remember that love-making should be fun and you should enjoy it no matter this time you are having sex with a purpose. So the aim is to recapture the fun of making love, because the more relaxed you are, the more chance of making babies.

Think Positive
Try and stay positive. You aim is to conceive and so work towards it and think positive. The chances of getting pregnant in each cycle varies according to a wide range of factors, but perhaps the most important one is the woman's age. It will take a couple in their early twenties an average of five cycles to conceive. Women in their early thirties will get pregnant, on average, after nine cycles. One in ten couples will take more than a year to succeed in conceiving. So if you're 32 and you've been trying for six months without success then take comfort in the fact that the average woman your age takes nine cycles to conceive. So that gives you three months before you even reach average. So try to relax and think positively

Have Sex More Often

When your aim is to conceive it is important that you have to have sex regularly and you have to be spontaneous. Don't be under any kind of pressure and have sex when you want to not when you think you should if you are following any chart or advice of your Doctor. Be adventurous and think about different positions. Creativity can bring about excitement and passion into love-making and that is a good sign.

Take romantic breaks
Take a break from work and go out on weekends to some romantic place. Being together in a romantic place will ignite the passion and you might end up being pregnant. If you already have child drop the child at your mother's place and go on a second honeymoon. If you don't have children yet then romantic weekends are the best bet. You can have some morning sex which is the best time to conceive.

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