ConceiveKnow why you have met with failure every time you have attempted to conceive and learn when is the best time to conceive.

Trying to Conceive

Once a woman ages, her chances of conceiving automatically decreases. Most fertility experts agree that fertility actually decreases with age. The age of the male partner is irrelevant. Fertility rate in women drops drastically after 30 and another drop is at 35. There are no methods to turn back the clock. This is God-given and no one is to blame for this drawback of being a woman. Hence for a woman it is very important to know when is the best time to conceive and what steps she must take to fulfill her wish of being a mother.

Reasons of unsuccessful attempts

One of the reasons for decreased fertility rate is lack of sex at the right time and wrong positioning. Most couples are unable to have a baby because they are not doing it frequently enough during those fertile moments. Poor positioning and not knowing the rules of conception is also an important factor that prevents you from conceiving. Women are most fertile during days 12 to 14 of her menstrual cycle. Have sex every other day during your fertile moments and that means, you're booked for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Another reason of young couples not conceiving is stress. Stress from work, with family, with partner, with children in the house can play havoc in your baby-making plans. Also do not stress yourself too much with the thought of wanting to have a baby. Enjoy the intercourse and do not stress yourself out with the "I NEED TO HAVE A BABY NOW!!!" feeling. You're not likely to conceive if both you and your partner is feeling any kind of pressure. If you feel stressed, do something that will relax both of you, go on a holiday, play games that you like, go for a regular walk, do something that is not stressful before embarking on this journey.

Best time to conceive

The best time to conceive is early morning or in the afternoon. Men normally have an erection in the mornings and the level of sperm is highest in the mornings. This may sound a little silly and crazy but believe me this is the best time to go for it and make a baby.


Having an orgasm at the same time as your partner or after the partner ejaculates into your vagina is a good thing for you. This not only encourages your husband to satisfy you as well as himself, it increases chances of conceiving. The reason behind this is orgasm creates an alkaline condition in the vagina, which helps the sperm, as they really prefer the alkaline world rather than the acidic one. Thus if your husband have just ejaculated into you and you also had an orgasm, it is not a good idea to immediately get up and go to the toilet to clean yourself. The better idea would be to go to sleep, relax, place a pillow under your bottom and indulge into whispering sweet nothings in your husband's ears.

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