After a caesarean section you have to take a lot of care as to how you sit, lie, talk, and laugh and do other daily activities. It is very important that you take extra care so as to make sure that you do not hurt yourself or do any act so that it affects the major surgery that has been done to ensure that speedy healing and recovery. We have therefore brought for you tips that will help you take that special care you need.

The most important thing that you have to consider after a caesarean section is your comfort while sitting, getting into or out of bed, lying and coughing or laughing because in all these acts your abdominal muscles tighten thereby causing pain.

What you need to do while sitting:

  • Always place a small pillow behind your back while you are sitting either on the bed or a chair or in your car.

  • Always make sure that while you are sitting you are well supported, your back is properly propped up and this will help you feel comfortable and your tummy will not feel as sore.

  • Bending one or both knees up from time to time may help relieve discomfort.

  • While you are feeding the baby place the baby on the pillow in your lap and this position will not only give a good latch-on position for breastfeeding it will also protect your stitches.

What you need to do while lying:

  • While you are lying on your back placing a pillow under your thighs will give you more comfort and will help you relax.

  • When lying on your side place pillows on your side for comfort. This will also be a comfortable position for breastfeeding the baby.

What you need to do while getting out of bed or into the bed:

  • For getting out of bed first roll on to your side, place one hand to support your wound if necessary and with the help of your other hand try to slowly pull yourself up.

  • Sit up on the side of the bed and slowly stand up. Always stand tall and walk tall since a good posture is essential and it will help you protect your back.

  • For getting into bed simply reverse the procedure but remember to support your tummy and the stitches.

What you need to do while laughing, coughing or sneezing:

  • Always support your tummy while you are laughing/coughing or sneezing.

  • While you are sitting, hold a pillow on your lap for supporting your tummy and try to put as less pressure as you can on your tummy.

  • If you need to cough something up, the least painful and most effective way is to "huff" (a short forced breath out through your mouth, like steaming up a mirror).

Helpful Exercises

  • Briskly circle your feet, bend forward and backwards and stretch your feet at the ankle for 20 to 30 seconds. This exercise helps maintain circulation and prevents swelling. Do this exercise as often as possible and start immediately and continue until you are up and about.

  • Lie down with your knee bend. Pull in your tummy and take both knees gently to the left then to the right. Bend knees as far as it is comfortable. Repeat several times.

  • Lie on your back with your knees bend and your feet flat on the bed/floor. Pull in your tummy and try to press the small of your back down into the bed. Hold that position for a few seconds and then let go. While doing this exercise do not hold your breath.

  • This exercise can be done at any time anywhere. To perform this exercise imagine that you are trying to stop yourself from passing wind and at the same time try to stop your flow of urine mid-stream. Remember not to tighten your tummy or buttocks, squeezing your legs together or holding your breath. Hold the lift for as long as you can and release. Rest for a while and repeat.

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