Getting Pregnant: Giving up birth control

ConceiveYou might have tried various methods of contraception in order to prevent conception but if you are planning to start a family, this is the first thing that you have to give up. Giving up a few kinds of contraception is easy but a few kinds take time. So find out all about the various kinds of contraceptives and their reversible effects.

Barrier methods
Barrier methods, such as male condoms, female condoms, the diaphragm, the cervical cap, vaginal ring, spermicides don't affect your fertility at all. Thus if you are trying to conceive just go off them.

Natural Birth Control
Natural birth control such as withdrawal or family planning method are the easiest contraceptives to stop using and you can start planning a family right away. Just keep a check on your basal body temperature and know when you are ovulating. But if you've been using the Lactational Amenorrhea Method — that is, counting on breastfeeding to keep you from ovulating — it may take a while after you stop nursing for ovulation to return.

Birth Control Pills
If you have been taking the pill as a mode of contraceptive method then all you have to do is stop taking them immediately. While some women are fertile immediately after stopping the pill, for others its takes a couple of months to start ovulating again. You'll know ovulation is back to normal if you're getting your period regularly.

Of all forms of contraception, sterilization is the hardest to reverse. Tubal ligation which is normally done by a woman makes the chances of conceiving near to impossible. You have to undergo major surgery for the reversal procedure but you will be at a great risk and the results might not always be good. If the Fallopian tubes are found to be damaged then reversal might not be possible at all. However the male method of sterilization i.e., Vasectomy is not that risky and nearly 30 and 75 percent of men who reverse a vasectomy go on to be successful at getting a woman pregnant. However that will also depend on how long back you have done the surgery and the longer it's been since the surgery, the lower your chances. However the reversal surgery is of a serious kind and you will be barred from lifting anything heavy for a month or so.


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