Pregnancy has a profound effect on your body. During pregnancy you put on a lot of weight, your hips widen, your waist increases. Some women lose a lot of hair while some are lucky and they have beautiful, lustrous hair. Some women look more beautiful during pregnancy with a soft and bright skin while for some pregnancy brings a curse on their face and skin. The after effects of pregnancy are also somewhat similar. Most women experience some degree of hormonal fluctuations, changes in weight, and lack of sleep after baby arrives. Most of these changes have physical effects that don't usually last long. Learn some of the physical changes you might experience after baby.


During pregnancy your hormone level rises and because of which you will find lot of pigmentation and changes in the colour of your skin. As hormones normalize, you'll experience a healthy glow. Acne sufferers may see their complexions completely clear up. However some women might suffer from a skin disease, which causes a red rash that, breaks out around the mouth and chin. Some women also experience extremely dry skin, which can be taken care of by applying moisturising cream.


You will experience dramatic changes in the texture of your hair because of the fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels. These change sometimes last up to two years, so enjoy your locks and flaunt it for as long as you can. However for women who have enjoyed a very healthy and lustrous hair during pregnancy will experience a lot of hair fall. Hair loss after pregnancy is a certainty, since you lost less than usual during pregnancy. Hair loss tends to be at its peak at six months after birth, but new growth will be fresh, healthy, and blissfully shiny.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding reduce your chances for breast cancer. However sagging increases after childbirth because the skin of your breasts become stretched and will continue to stretch if you breastfeed. You will also experience temporary leakiness, even if you don't breastfeed. Wearing nursing pads inside your bra will help.


Though abdominal muscles stretch to twice their normal size during pregnancy, with proper exercise you can have a flat tummy again. If you do simple exercises--such as sit-ups, pelvic floor exercises, regular walks, swimming etc--you'll be able to get your belly back in no time. However your stomach muscles will never be as strong as they were. Labour makes your stomach muscles weak and since your internal organs become displaced, backache can be a major problem, and you may also experience abdominal pain.


During pregnancy because of the pressure of the baby on the bladder you tend to urinate more frequently. But after pregnancy this problem is gone and by doing your pelvic floor exercises regularly, you'll be back to normal within a few days after the birth. However pressure on the urethra during delivery can make urination difficult after delivery. But if you experience severe pain or burning during urination, it may mean you have a urinary tract infection. So check it out with your doctor.

Sex Organs

Rest assured that pregnancy would not lead your sex life to a standstill. The vagina regains its prepregnancy muscle tone within the first few months and the cervix, forced open during delivery, closes painlessly over a period of 10 days. However intercourse for the first time after pregnancy will probably be slightly painful. If the pain is unbearable and unusual, consult your doctor. After delivery bleeding can last up to six weeks--though most of it will be discharged in the first. So refrain from sex during that time.

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