Types of models and modelling

There are several areas of modelling, each with its specific requirements.

High Fashion

Let's start with fashion modelling, which is quite a limited avenue as of now, but gaining in momentum. It encompasses everything from fashion shoots for glossies to mail-order catalogues; from live shows for haute couture houses to rag trade promotions. The term 'fashion', in this context, refers to clothing and accessories.

To work in this area you must be a sample size - women need to be (at least) 167.5 cm. tall, weigh 50 kg. to 60 kg. and possess vital statistics of 85-60-87.5 cm. Men should be about (at least) 180 cm. tall, weigh approximately 80 kg., with vital statistics of 100-80-95 cm. What's essential for both sexes is clear healthy skin, good teeth, a great smile, expressive eyes and healthy hair. Also, you should be an extrovert by nature and uninhibited, even inspired, by crowds.

Modelling clothes is an art: the art of learning how to walk, to move, and show off the clothing to best effect to help sell it. When potential customers look at a model, they generally imagine themselves in that outfit. Clothing is designed to appeal to people leading specific lifestyles as well as to those simply aspiring to them. The entire effect created by the model, the mood, the clothing, the art direction and the advertisement placement, must enhance the image of the clothes and be consistent throughout.

If you do not get a particular job, keep in mind that your 'look' may have been considered inappropriate for that particular shoot. Do not take it personally - perhaps you will have the right image for the next audition!

Madhu Sapre, Mehr Jessia, Sheetal Mallar, Namrata Baruwa, Ujjawala Raut and the list continues... They have strong and distinctive features. Exotic looks are popular. The majority of High Fashion models live in Bombay.

Children and Teens Modelling

Children and teens can find work in many different types of modelling including fashion shows and commercials. Teen models are generally called Junior models. Junior models must be 5'0" to 5'6" tall and 12 to 17 years old with very youthful looks. They usually have 32-34" busts, 21-25" waists and 32-34" hips.

Editorial Print Modelling

This refers to photography for magazines, including covers. This work is very eagerly sought after by models because of the exposure it provides. For this reason you can expect to work long and hard but you will get tear sheets for your portfolio that will help you get work.

Commercial Print Modelling

This refers to when models are photographed to promote a product on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers. This type of modeling can be divided into two sections: Fashion Advertising and Product Advertising.

Runway (Ramp) Modelling

This is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure. It is considered the most glamorous type of live modeling. It requires a lot of confidence and grace. The model must make the audience think that she loves the outfit she is wearing. She must look comfortable and make even the dullest outfit look attractive. There is a minimum height requirement of 5'6" for runway work.

Glamour Agency Typical Work

Topless and/or nude work I don't think that anybody is intersted in this. But since this is a part, hence I am addressing this also.
HEIGHT: 5' 0"? (not too sure about this, but they generally take on much shorter girls than the fashion or commercial agencies)

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