Introduction - How to Become a Model

What do the new models have that sets them apart?
It happens everyday. Someone noticed her eyes. Her bone structure. The way the planes of her face catch the light. Someone said she should be a model. Someone was right. A model is born. With stars in her eyes. Fear in his heart. Then fear turns into hope, hesitancy into a sparkle, then comes supreme confidence. A model has arrived. Could she, someday, be a supermodel as well? Could any of these?


Well, what are you waiting for? Someone to tell you where to start, whom to approach and how to avoid the pitfalls? Someone to explain the theories and the strategies? Tell you what is really expected of you in the highly competitive and glamorous world of modelling?

Well, here I am - with an unbiased and accurate guide that I believe will be of invaluable help to both, wannabe models and their concerned parents. That will empower every model - whether she is a fresh, new face or an established veteran - with the answers to all the questions she might have.

Good things take their time coming and every career has its own demands and unique sacrifices. Most aspiring models don't realise there is a lot of hard work involved and get frustrated when things don't move quickly. But you should know better - don't give up, because you have chosen this as your career and you cannot rely on others to put in the effort required. You need to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong to make it and to survive here. So it is critical to understand the industry in order to learn to separate the emotional aspect of your self from the 'product' aspect.

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