Working Couples

Gone are the days when it was expected of woman to exclusively stay at home, nurse the children, look after the household work and take care of the in-laws. Though the notion still exists but today's woman is also expected to help her husband to contribute towards the household expenses. And thus it is even tougher for women, for now she has much more responsibilities and her duties both towards her house and work has increased. Now a days women are more independent and do not like to be dependent on their husband. But this also leads to constant friction between the couple resulting into conflicts in the relationship. Thus to keep the marriage going, some sacrifices and compromises have to be made by both the parties. It is very often seen that the sense of equality and spirit of independence felt by the career woman results in ego clashes. Thus both husband and wife have to consider that every relationship requires co-operation, trust, understanding and responsibilities without which the marriage will not survive.

Following are a few tips that working couples should always remember in order to make their marriage tick.

Husbands should remember……………

  • That his wife is working so the family can live a better life and enjoy every facility available to them.
  • To respect his wife's decision and feelings.
  • That his wife ahs an individuality and she cannot be expected to only be a housewife and sit at home when she is well educated and is fully capable of earning and supporting the family.
  • To help the wife in the household chores and share the kitchen work, cutting vegetables and help her with dishwashing in case the maid takes a holiday.
  • Not be touchy and suspicious about phone calls for her from her male colleagues, which may be only official.
  • Not to doubt her character and should allow her to attend office parties and picnics without insisting on accompany her.
  • Help her with her work is she needs it.

Wifes should remember……………..

  • Never boost about your individuality and independence.
  • Never give an impression that just because you are not dependent on your husband you can do anything and that your husband has no right to tell you anything.
  • Never mix up office tension with family. Once you are out of the office forget about it and concentrate on your family.
  • Never mention office gossip to your husband if he is not interested.
  • Don't be extravagant just because you are earning.
  • Avoid praising your male colleagues too much on their looks or behaviour. Even if your boss is nice to you, you don't have to boast the fact to your hubby who would feel jealous and sometimes even suspicious.
  • Don't be in a hurry to raise a family, as it would affect your career growth. Decide in consultation with your husband, the right time to have the kid and whether you would like to continue working later on.
  • Don't fight over small matters and learn to avoid unnecessary tensions.
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