seven pheras

Sometimes you commit a mistake and despite the fact that you are wrong you start arguing. You know you will lose but you desperately don’t want to lose. At such times these 10 devious ways to win the argument will come handy.

1. Cry
This works every time if it is not overused. Remember though, don't be too dramatic - there's no need to tear your hair, howl in anguish or hurt yourself in the process. Be natural, just a few meaningful tears will soften him up and you might win the lost battle.

2. Keep on talking

Bore him into submission! This is particularly useful when justifying expensive purchases he doesn't approve of. Keep rambling so much that he gets fed up and withdraws.

3. Seduce him
Wicked wicked ideas. Let your body know how to change his mind. If the argument gets out of hand then practice seduction. Let's not discuss the mortgage/new car/where we're spending Christmas right now - I'm so horny! You'll find he's far more agreeable after a good session.

4. Get his mother on your side
If he finds out that his mother agrees with you that the house needs renovation and you need to go on a vacation, you're far more likely to have him do what his mother wants. This can work with best friends, too, who also have a big influence on him, but Mummy is all-powerful and far scarier to defy!

5. Shout
For preference, do this in public. They hate a scene and will often back down rather than fight it out - especially in front of friends or at expensive restaurants.

6. Flatter his ego
'You're soooo GOOD at doing the dishes/booking holidays/choosing presents for me...' Get the idea?

7. Beg
Say, 'Pleeeeease!' Be unashamedly abject. Stoop as low as you can, and then stoop lower! If something appears to mean so much to you, most men won't argue about it

8. Blame your period
Sometimes this comes into handy. You think you spent too much time at the beauty parlour and forget to pay the electricity bill or take the dogs out for a walk. Well blame it on your periods or PMT.

9. 'I did it for you!'
Claim that whatever you did wrong was done for the sole purpose of pleasing him. How were you to know he'd hate to have a pet? All you wanted to do was to please him. Got it!

10. Dig in those gorgeous high heels
As a last resort, try simply refusing to give any ground until you get your way. Most men love aggressive and demanding women. Be firm and forceful and he will sit back and admire you rather than take up the challenge against you.

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