If you are one of those stay-at-home moms then at one point of time you are bound to feel bored, depressed, stressed and lonely. Sitting at home is bound to make you feel bored. Finishing your daily chores will consume only a few hours. Then what to do the rest of the day is a major problem. We have brought for you a few suggestions that will help you keep yourself busy and occupied.

Make Friends
Go where other stay-at-home moms might be. Go to a park where you will find other mom's with their kids. Start a conversation with them. Discuss your problems with them and this way you will get to make friends.

Date Your Partner
One the most important relationship that suffers after the birth of a child is your relationship with your husband. You give so much preference to your child that you completely forget about your needs and your husband's needs. Take some time each day, if only for a few minutes, to talk with and listen to your partner. Set aside at least one evening per week for a date. Try to take one vacation per year without the kids. Find competent, quality babysitters for children of various ages.

Keep Your Identity
One thing that often gets lost after marriage and pregnancy is your identity. You get so much involved with your baby that you forget that you had an identity. Losing your identity is also a very frustrating aspect and that feeling also creates frustration in life. So try to get back to your work and life. Even if late nights is out of the question but try to make it to an evening party atleast and let your husband take care of the kids once in a while. If you miss the hubbub of a steady schedule of meetings and client lunches, create one. Volunteer for a charity you always admired but couldn't work for because you were too busy at the office.

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