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What do you do when your husband helps you with the dishes or daily chores without you asking him for help? Or when he looks after the kids when you are late from work. Well it is no doubt his duty but let me tell you a secret-men love it when they are appreciated and thanked in a special way for all the help they have been. So the next time your man does something nice without you asking for it or expecting it from him give him a treat and tell him how much his help meant to you in the following special ways.

Give Him A Love Coupon
This will help you in the most romantic way. The love coupon is a way to tell him that you love him and you want him. Men do need a little romance, and they are hopeless in asking for it. So why don't you slip him a sexy coupon, redeemable anytime for a night of romance and passion? Put it in a perfumed envelope and surprise him by sending it to him at work, either by courier or just put it in his briefcase or lunchbox. Don't worry he won't feel shy about handing you a coupon and, for once, you'll know exactly what he wants. Isn't that what you wanted-- a steamy night of love and passion.

Music can do wonders
Say it with music. Thank him with a personal compilation of songs that he loves on a CD or a cassette. If you are not aware of his favourite songs which is very unlikely then just think of songs that mean something to both of you, like what was playing during your first kiss, first slow dance, or a song he would hum to you. Or choose classic songs that are romantic and have a strong message of love and romance. You can use MP3s, CDs, and cassettes that you already have, or try the library. He'll love it and you will also feel very good to see him lit up.

Pamper him for a change
Unlike women, guys rarely take time out to pamper themselves. Give him a day of rest and relaxation with a gentle massage or a bath. Play some light romantic music, light some aromatic candles and give him a good bath. You can also do manicure and pedicure. He'll not only look and feel better, who knows-- He might even return the favour.

Do a mans job
Traditionally, it's the man who sends flowers and chocolates. Well its high time that ladies change all that. Call him up and invite him on a date. Send him roses with a romantic note that will keep him thinking of you the whole day. Pick him up. Take him to his favourite restaurant or make him a sensuous meal at home. Wear the sexiest dress you have or even do a little bit of shopping. Be creative and turn the night into the most romantic night ever. He'll feel adored and you'll have fun, too.

Plan a Boys' Night
Men do sacrifice their late nights and parties in order to be with the family. Think of it you needed him and he has always been there for you. Come to think of it, he's been there almost every day. Well why don't you present him a one-night-bachelors-life and organise a "Boys' Night". Call up his buddies, beg them to take him off your hands. Either let the party be at your home or somewhere he used to hang out before with his friends. If it's at home give him a kiss and leave. Don't nag about the mess afterward. This is also an opportunity to take some time out for yourself, or have a "Girls' Night." You'll both come back recharged, with lots to talk about.

Do what he enjoys doing
Though football or boxing is hard for you and you think you can never accompany him to a football match but think about it he took you to that Chinese restaurant when he hates Chinese food. You wanted to go to see the arts exhibition and he accompanied you there. Well now it is your turn to make him feel appreciated for always doing what you want to by planning a date around what he would want. Did he always want to try go-carting? Horse-riding? Karaoke? A certain restaurant? Don't tell him what you have in mind until you get there. Or for a real surprise and something exciting and romantic- blindfold him! Make it a fun adventure, and don't let him pay for anything. He'll be thanking you in more ways than one.

Watch his favourite movies
He sat through Titanic and didn't complain. He pretended to like Moulin Rouge. Well he almost like all the movies you want to see when the fact is he had fallen asleep watching those movies with you. Well now why don't you show him the movies he would love to watch. Invite him over for movie night. Rent cassettes and give him a surprise by showing him his favourite ones. Turn out the lights. Turn up the sound. Choose movies with sequels, like Rocky, Aliens, Lethal Weapon, The Terminator, Die Hard and The Godfather. These are sure to get his heart racing.

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