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Seduction TechniquesYou must have heard the saying " a woman kills with her eyes". That is true for your eyes are the most important tools that you require for seducing your man. Lovemaking and seduction are very closely related to one another. You must be an excellent lover but to be the best you have to know the skills of seduction. A good seduction goes a long way to enhance the enjoyment of lovemaking.

Following are a few seduction techniques that are fun and will bring zest in your sex life.

Sensual Seduction

Start with taking your partners clothes off gently. Kiss him and make him lie down on the bed. Then give him a good massage concentrating on his pleasure points. The first step in giving a seductive massage is to identify the pleasure points on your partner's body. A successful seduction involves one partner taking charge of the situation and using any means necessary to lure, seduce not force, her man away from what he is doing, and into the bedroom, into making love.

Power Seduction
This kind of seduction is bold and daring and is quite rewarding coz men love to be dominated in bed. In this technique the partner simply pulls her man away from whatever he is doing and starts to undress him, while pushing him towards the nearest comfortable area for lovemaking. Her climbing on top and telling him what she is going to do to him would follow this.

Implied seduction
In this technique your actions and eyes and body should be enough to make your partner want you desperately. Start with small kisses on his checks, forehead, face, chest, neck, fingers and the lips. Kissing him on his pleasure points will follow this. Whisper sweetly in his ear how much you want him and how desperate you are to make love to him.

Bewildering Seduction
This is also a very bold technique of seduction and it really takes your man off guard. For this technique to work start by calling up your man at work and tell him that you have a surprise for him when he returns home. Sound seductive and romantic on the phone. When he is expected to return home turn off the lights in your bedroom and wait for him in the bedroom on the bed totally naked or in your sexiest night gown (please give him a duplicate key of the door). WOW, sounds great, doesn't it?

Marriage and Beyond >> Your sexlife

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