Marriage and Responsibilities

Every woman wants to be a good wife, good mother, and good daughter-in-law and strives hard to be loved and respected by all the family members. This section deals with these issues and helps you deal with all sorts of problems that you will face in marriage.

Learn how to cope and integrate with your new family, and build good equations with them.

The Golden Rules for a successful marriage life.

Things husband's/wives should remember in order to make their marriage a success.

Learn a few creative ways to show your man you appreciate all that he does for you and how much he means to you. Read on…….

Do you think that your relationship lacks romance and passion? Here are a few tips that will bring back the teenage romance and excitement back into your married life. Read on…

Only a few loving and caring words can bring life into your otherwise dull marriage life. Find out what those words are.Read on…….

Words can bring romance in your life. Words can make or break your relationship. Words are everything and for your relationship to thrive, you need to know the right words. Read on...

To keep your marriage alive, exciting and happening, it takes an on-going, sincere and active effort on the part of both of you. We have brought for you a few tips that will spice up your marriage and turn your hubby into crushing fools.

Body language says it all. When couples hug, touch, smile, make love and even fight their body language speaks volumes about how their relationship is doing. Read on…

What do you do on weeknights with your hubby? Find out few romantic ideas for a cozy weeknight which is fun as well as erotic. Read on….

Follow our tips to make your married life happy, exciting and loving.

In our busy life we often take our partners for granted and miss out on the romance. Bring back the romance in your life once again. Read on….

The different stages of life of a married woman in a nutshell.

If you are one of those stay-at-home moms then at one point of time you are bound to feel bored, depressed, stressed and lonely. Find out ways to keep yourself busy. Read on….

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