A healthy relationship requires commitment, love and understanding. Love makes you do things that you possibly couldn't have imagined to do otherwise. There has to be lot of understanding between the two of you since that is the foundation of your love. There will be times when things will be difficult and stressful but it is your patience and understanding that has to be the strong factor which will help you come out of the situation victorious. Following are a few tips that will help you overcome all the troubles in your life and build healthy relationship.

Be your partner's/lover's best friend
Friendship is the sole basis of a healthy relationship. You and your partner should be best friends in order to keep the love and trust alive in you. There are many things, which a partner cannot possibly solve but a friend can. So try to be your love's friend as well.

Never relinquish your role as your mate's "lover"
I am saying this because there are times when we start taking our partner's for granted. Things that don't mean too much for us might mean a lot to our love. You have to be romantic and sensitive to her/his feelings and you have to keep doing small acts, which will tell your partner that you love him/her and she/he is the world for you.

Don't let problems go unresolved
Don't keep things to yourself. If you have a problem then it is best if you speak it out and make your partner aware that you are unhappy about a certain thing and that you need to resolve your problems. Don't think that your partner will come to know what's going on in your mind and he will understand that you are going through turmoil inside. Don't make this mistake. Talk with your partner and resolve your problems.

Keep your partner among your top three priorities
You may be a busy person and there might be things that are really important. But don't forget one thing that nothing can be as important as the person you love. Don't ever commit the mistake of neglecting your partner because once insecurity and loneliness creeps into the life of your partner, it will be the end of everything.

Make love often
Good sex is an important part of your marriage. It will help you come closer to your partner and help you to understand him/her better. Making love often will keep the passion alive in your relationship, which is very essential factor of a healthy relationship. Weave love, sex, and romance into the fabric of your daily lives and see the difference.

Let the infatuation fade, but keep the passion alive
To keep your relationship healthy and affair proof you have to feel passionately about your partner. In a healthy relationship passion and excitement should always be alive. You have to learn to keep the flame of passion alive in the two of you for a long and enduring relationship.

Don't nag
Nagging is the biggest enemy of happy and healthy relationships. Studies have revealed that men can suffer from hypertension, stress and other psychological problems because of nagging. Nagging can never be the solution to any problem. There are better ways to get your work done and make your partner understand.

Try to spend more time together
By spending more time together you will get to resolve problems between the two of you better. All that your relationship requires is togetherness and comfort from one another. Try to be together and spend quality time on weekends. Go for picnics or watch a movie together once in a while. Take your partner out for dinner at least twice a month. Once in a year you should go on a vacation.

Make some sacrifices but don't martyr yourself for his/her sake
Last but not the least a healthy relationship demands sacrifice to a certain level. Relationships are based on sacrifice and compromise by both the partners.

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