Romance Tips

It was not very long ago that you used to shiver at his slightest touch. It was not very long ago that one kiss used to make you yearn for more. Have the days of passion, desire and temptation vanished from your lives. Do you think that your relationship lacks romance and passion? Here are a few tips that will bring back the teenage romance and excitement back into your married life.

Flirt with him
Remember how you used to laugh at his stupid jokes and flirt with him to get his complete undivided attention. Well try that once again. Flirt with him the way you used to once to attract him and believe me it works.

I can’t take my eyes off you
You might have said this to him when you were dating. Well here is a chance to get into those dating days once again. Break away from your partner at a party or wedding and keep a continuous watch on him. Behave as if you have just met and keep staring at him from afar. He will definitely notice that and try to figure out what’s happening. Flirt with him and tell him how desirable and sexy he is looking. I can guarantee that the next thing he will do is get you home.

Ask him out
Call him up in office and ask him out for a date. Go to the place where you used to go while you were dating him. Meet him for a drink at first and then slowly and steadily go ahead. Walk hand in hand, talk about the future and enjoy one another’s company.

Book a hotel room
Everyday office work, house work, children, in-laws might not give you the time and energy to be romantic therefore to bring the passion into your life you can just shift into a hotel for a night. Just book a hotel room and have a hot and tempting night with your partner.

Slip into something sexy
Go to bed feeling desirable and sexy. Great your partner in lingerie. These were the things that disappear with time and so its time to get them back into your life. Don’t talk about your grocery list and your boring day in bed but whisper sweet nothings into his ears. Doing something unexpected and tempting will make your man feel special and remind you that he's worth pleasing.

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