Pre-wedding care


Start your program with your skin-care regime at least one month in advance.

Get a professional face cleansing done from your trusted beauty parlour once a fortnight.Be sure to get your last done at least 4 days before the wedding day.At home,on a daily basis follow a cleansing,exfoliating and moisturing routine.Use a gentle fragrance-free cleansing lotion on a damp cotton wool to clean your face and neck.Take one teaspoon of oats in your hand, add a little water.Aply this to your face.Let it set for a few minutes,then with your finger tips gently rub around the nose and chin and basically all over the face and neck to exfoliate the skin.This will rid you off all the dead cells and prevent the pores from getting clogged.Wash off with water and apply your moisturer containing a sun screen of at least 15 SPF in it.Wait for 15-20 minutes before you apply your make-up.

When going out in the sun,carry an umbrella and wear dark glasses for extra protection.

Repeat the above in the morning as well.On alternate evenings use this natural bleaching face pack made of multani mitti(Fullers earth).Take freshly ground paste of one neem leaf and 1/2 portion of coating consistency and apply it to the face and neck.When dry,wash off with water.Tone your skin with hazel on a cotton wool pad and then moisturise.This will give you a flawless and glowing complexion.


For your crowning glory,your scalp needs to be kept thoroughly clean by washing your hair at least 3 times a week-you'll be needing this as you will be out shopping most of the days,gathering dust and pollution.

Use a "frequent use" gentle shampoo(Baby shampoo)and in the last mug of water,after washing out the shampoo completely,add one teaspoon of cider vinegar in it.Do not rinse after this.Just towel dry and set as usual.Do not comb your hair when they are wet.This will result in shiny and voluminous hair and also keep it dandruff-free.

Once a week,use this conditioning hair pack: 2 egg yolks
1/4 cup of gram flour
1 lemon(juice)
1/4 cup of herbal henna mixed with warm water.

Apply on a clean scalp for an hour,wash with a gentle shampoo.

If you are going to have a perm or planning your hair highlighted or a new hair cut,be sure to do it at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding,so that this new cut gets settled and you still have time to modify it if need be.Do not leave it for the last minute.That way you are not in for a shock.

Invest in good hair brushes-a wide tooth vent brush and a medium style styling brush.For a quick curl look ,buy heated rollers or benders and a hair dryer with a diffuser attachement.This will help you to be in control of your look and you wont have to run to a beauty parlour.


Your body care routine should be a daily exfoliating and moisturizing process.In a thin muslin cloth put:
Oats:1/4 cup
Powder milk:1/4th cup
Thick starch:1/4th cup

Mix this into a paste and apply it all over the body.Let it be dry for about 20 minutes.Bathe with warm water.Pay special attention to your hands and heels by applying a rich cream every night.Besides the home care get a professional manicure and pedicure just before the wedding.Your full body waxing should also be done just before the wedding.You should also invest in a good hair epilator which will come handy on your honeymoon when going to a parlour is not convenient.


Lastly,for shopping for cosmetics,ask for testers and test the shades on a make-up free skin.By and large buy trusted names and ones which are least in fragrance and grease.Buy matte finish shades for lips and eyes.This will enhance your looks whatever your complexion may be.These days,specialized natural looking and long lasting make up is available that is hypo-allergic-like long lasting lipsticks,waterproof mascara,loose yellow powder,etc.Remember,never comprise on your make-up products.Whether your are doing your own make-up for the wedding day or getting it done from a professional,do a dress rehearsal to know exactly what you will look like on your D-Day.

All these tips will help you to be in full control of your looks,helping you savour every moment of the most wonderful time in your life.

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