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Wedding is round the corner. You feel elated and excited to start a new life with your partner. But deep down there you are a little frenzied, you are nervous and there is an unknown fear inside. It becomes difficult for you to understand where all your anxieties are coming from. Many questions keep disturbing you such as:

  • What if the marriage doesn't work well?
  • What am I getting myself into?
  • Am I taking the right decisionů..should I wait a bit?
  • Is this person I am marrying right for me

Well no matter how much you are in love with the person you are marrying it is quite natural to be nervous before taking the major step of your life.

Therefore we have brought for you a few tips to help you overcome premarital fears and tensions.

  • Sit with your Fiancée and have a heart-to-heart talk. Good communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. Reflect upon what you enjoy most about each other. The factors that make you think you'll be happy together and what is really important to you in life and love. Tell him how much you love him and look forward to your future together. But also get your fears and anxieties out.

  • Go to a quiet place to 'listen' to your feelings away from the pressures of the forthcoming wedding.

  • Talk to couples who have survived and celebrated many years of marriage. They can be a good source of support and great role models.

  • Set aside some time before the wedding to spend a romantic evening with your partner away from the entire wedding talk and plans.

  • Remember and accept the fact that no matter how well you know each other, life after marriage changes with new responsibilities and duties coming in. Thus getting pre-wedding jitters is normal.

  • Sit down in a quiet place - do some deep breathing - get in tough with your feelings and what your heart wants and needs.

  • Observe some possible changes that may have taken place or that you have discovered since the engagement. Is your partner exhibiting a different behaviour or engaging in activities you disapprove of? These are things that should be addressed before you proceed with the wedding plans.

  • Start drinking more water instead of caffeine and sugar-loaded liquids. Reduce salt intake. Caffeine, sugar and salt cause chemical reactions to your nervous system by making you jumpy, nervous and high-strung.

  • Laughing and singing are great ways to reduce the stress.

Following Exercises will also help you remain calm and composed:

  • Do leg and arm stretches to help tone and to remove built-up tension from your muscles.

  • Take a brisk walk. The more energy you use, the more stress you rid yourself of.

  • While walking, place three fingers just below your naval, pressing in gently while breathing in and out. This exercise helps increase energy, reduce toxins and keeps you more focused. Repeat 10 times.

  • Take a few moments each day, preferably at night before going to sleep, and do breathing exercises. Breathing deeply, in a rhythmic fashion, helps to relax your mind, body and nervous system.

  • The ancient art of yoga is extremely beneficial in reducing everyday stress. Sit in a chair with feet hip distance apart. Assume the chin mudra (hand posture) with hands on knees, palms up. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Now count to six with each inhales and exhales.

  • This simple exercise for releasing tension from the neck and back can be done anytime : Bring shoulders up to ears, squeeze hard, then drop. Repeat 10 times.

Following are some more tips to relieve tension on those busy days surrounding your wedding:

  • Dim the lights in the bathroom and take a nice, hot bath.
  • Aromatherapy is an easy at home treatment that's inexpensive and totally relaxing. A favourite scent-try lavender essential oil - added to the bath or mixed with lotion for an effect that's calming and not sedating.

  • Soak in a tub ful of bubbles and feel tensions melt away.

  • Use a dry bristle brush or loofah, work small brush strokes on the bottom of justify foot, then move up justify leg. Repeat on right side. Use a circular motion on hip area. Work up from justify hand and arm in same way.

  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a very soothing and pleasant spot or situation. This helps bring your body and brain into a fluid state

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