Words can bring romance in your life. Words can explain your true feelings. Words can describe the love that you have for your partner. Words can say all that you mean and cherish. Its actually words that can describe what a romantic person you are. Words can bring love, joy and compassion in your life. Words can make or break your relationship. Words are everything and for your relationship to thrive, you need to know the right words.

Here are some suggestions on what to say to make your relationship stronger, along with some destructive words or phrases that should NEVER be uttered.

Words that you should often say:

  • I love you
  • Please
  • You look beautiful (or handsome)
  • I appreciate you
  • I believe in you
  • You are a wonderful person
  • I am thinking of you
  • I can't wait to see you
  • I love spending time with you
  • You mean everything to me
  • You mean the world to me
  • I am so lucky to have you in my life
  • I am proud of you!
  • I respect you
  • I am here for you
  • I am listening.
  • Thank you
  • Would you please help me with this?
  • Can I help you?

These are the magic words that will put charm into your relationship. We always like to hear good things, being appreciated, being complimented. Likewise our partners also want to hear these things. In a relationship you always ask, don't demand. Give compliments. Share your feelings. You may think he/she knows that you love him/her. But we all need to hear it. So say "I love you" to your partner everyday without fail.

Words that you should never utter in a relationship:

  • I told you so but you never listen to me.
  • Why do you always to this?
  • You never listen.
  • You're lazy
  • You're fat
  • Did you gain weight?
  • You're a failure
  • You made a mistake (that person knows if he or she made a mistake. Pointing it out will only make things worse.)
  • You're ridiculous
  • That's stupid
  • You are such a fool.
  • You're such an airhead
  • Don't you know how to do anything?
  • What's the matter with you?
  • Are you crazy?
  • You're so dumb
  • I hate you
  • I don't know why I married you
  • You never help me
  • You are worthless.
  • This marriage is hopeless
  • You're going to be sorry
  • You're sloppy
  • You are a bad mother and wife.
  • You never clean the house
  • Why don't you fix your hair?
  • You don't understand anything
  • You never loved me
  • You never show me love
  • You never do anything for me
  • You don't understand anything
  • Is that all?
  • You're pathetic
  • You're not even a man (or woman)
  • Don't you know anything?

Many of these are examples, but you get the picture. Don't poke fun at your marriage when you're with your friends. Don't belittle your spouse or say things that will make them feel insecure or self-conscious. Don't degrade your spouse. Accept your spouse unconditionally. Be kind and loving, courteous and respectful. Marriage is a beautiful thing and very few people get love, compassion and an understanding partner. Don't throw away your relationship by saying hurtful words. Use the magic of words to remain always in love.

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