marital problems

In life you will sometimes come across situations when your marriage will seem threatened and you will feel hurt and betrayed. During such times you have to keep cool, trust yourself and learn to deal with such situations wisely and with caution. Read on.

Learn how to catch your husband cheating on you by observing our tips.

Lately you sense that something is wrong about the way your partner is behaving. You think that he is lying to you but you wonder, "How can I tell if my partner is lying?”. Read on…..

Learn how to cope up with infidelity and how to get past it.

Find out tips that will help you cope up with marital problems, affair-proof your relationship and create more passion and excitement into your relationship. Read on….

Conflicts in marriage can sometimes be so bad that it can literally end the relationship. Find out how you can save your marriage. Read on……

Find out what are the things that turn your marriage sour and which are the relationship hazard zones.

In every relationship, no matter how much you love each other, sometimes you do get into a disagreement and have bitter arguments. The next time you feel an argument starting to form keep in mind the following points to handle such a situation.

Everyone has a bad mood day but making this a routine affair can create a rift in your relationship. Learn why you are suffering from bad mood and how to cope up with it.

Sometimes you commit a mistake and despite the fact that you are wrong you start arguing. Learn how to win an argument in such a situation. Read on…

In a married life nagging is the worst enemy. Learn how to get your work done without nagging.

Are you angry with you partner? Read on tips that will help you ease the tension and bring back love into your life.

Are you suffering from stress? Is stress affecting your relationship? Learn how to identify the source of stress and how lead a stress-free life. Read on….

Alcoholism is a problem, which has to be dealt with, with love, understanding and patience. Find out more.

This is a situation where you are labeled as a "second wife" who necessarily has to be a Hindi film vamp even if the truth is quite contrary.

Marital abuse is an attempt to coerce and control one's spouse through emotional and/or physical means. Read on…..


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