Wedding Day Make up

MakeupYour Wedding day make up tips

To look fabulous on your wedding day, Seasons suggests these easy make up tips:


Use a cream blush applied after the foundation, before powder. This will be long-wearing and give a glow from within.


Apply lip liner evenly all over lips under the lipstick to make it last longer. When lipstick fades, it will fade evenly without leaving the outer lip liner only.


Apply a small dollop of lip gloss to the center of mouth to make lips appear fuller.


Apply a shimmer-type product lightly on top of cheekbones to give highlight to the face.


Always use waterproof mascara and avoid applying any mascara to bottom lashes, or only do so if very sparingly.


Apply powder at the very last "makeup and hair minute," as you can easily touch up foundation or hide nervous blemishes before you powder. This is not as easy after the base is set.


Avoid black or very dark eyeliner. It will make the eyes appear smaller in pictures. Instead, try smoky soft grays or plums, which will be softer and more flattering.


Keep eye shadow light and shimmery, again to avoid making the eyes appear smaller.


There's nothing like a blushing bride! Rosy cheeks are always a winner.


Avoid waxing or facials right before the wedding. Give your face five days off before the big event.


Throw some shimmer on shoulders and décolletage. This always looks great in moderation.


Add a few fake lashes to outer corner of eyes. This opens and lifts the eye. However, be sure to use a waterproof adhesive!


If your skin is oily, avoid applying moisturizer before application of foundation.


Stick to a classic look. Avoid trends, as they will very soon look dated in pictures.


Be happy and look like the prettiest version of yourself; don't try to be anyone but yourself on the day. Remember -- You have to make up and be happy at the start for all the crying during Vidaii time at the End!!

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