Happy Married Life

In your married life there comes a stage when couples hardly feel romantic and convey their inner feelings to one another. They start taking one another for granted and whatever they say or do they think that the idea behind it is implied and need not be conveyed in words to make out that they love one another. By this I mean that couples don't say words like 'I Love You' and 'I am Sorry' anymore and thus in a way the excitement in the relationship dies out with frustration creeping in. No matter how strong your relationship is it is very important to keep the marriage alive and exciting, that you have to feel more caring and loving towards your partner and express yourself through words. It's a fact that at the beginning of our relationships, we send cards describing our love and send flowers when we are sorry. Over time, not only do we forget to give our partners small gifts of affection, but sometimes, we forget to say how we feel. There are a few magic words that we must try to say to our loved ones every day or whenever appropriate.

I Love You
Saying these words will not only make you feel good but will give your partner a sense of security and happiness. Say these words before leaving for work and when you come home. Say, "I love you" before hanging up the phone or after a particularly inspiring conversation. Every marriage needs a daily dose of these three important words. Even if you are angry with your partner but saying these magic words will make you forget everything and make both of you happy.

You are beautiful/cute
You are beautiful/cute Or sweet, handsome, sexy - whichever words are appropriate. When we first start dating, we compliment our partner daily but after marriage we think that it is not required. But you are very much mistaken. It is always good to tell your partner how beautiful/handsome you think they are and how lucky you are that they are in your life. Women in particular need to be reminded, especially during pregnancy, after giving birth and on birthdays! Men also need to be told they are attractive, though they may not admit it! A compliment a day improves our intimate lives in ways we cannot even imagine.

I am sorry
Never feel ashamed or egoistic to say these words for just these three words can make a world of difference. But when you say it, mean it. Don't say it if you just want to make the other person keep quite. And avoid the word "but"! This can kill our apology. To our lover's ears, "I'm sorry butů" translates to "I'm not really sorry, and I am just saying I'm sorry to allow myself to give an excuse."

I need you
You need to tell your partner how important he/she is for you. We need to let our spouse know that we not only appreciate them, but we need them to be with us in our life and life without them is incomplete. Make it more romantic by sending them an e-mail describing how impossible it is to live without them or write them a note and slip it into their briefcase, lunch box or purse. Just like women need to hear they are still attractive, men particularly need to know their wives depend on them..

Thank You
Make it a point to thank your spouse for every nice thing that he does. Why do we thank the cashier at the super-market or the librarian or the liftman or our friends and never thank our partner. Thank your spouse for making dinner, washing dishes, helping the kids with studies and preparing the kids for school in the morning. Thank your partner for bringing home a paycheck, buying your favourite desert and coming home early. Be romantic and send your spouse an e-card or put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror thanking him for everything and for coming into your life.

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